Our communities are shaped by the people who live in them, and especially by contributions of extraordinary individuals, groups and organizations. This award celebrates those who have made a significant contribution to their community through a unique achievement or outstanding service in any area that provides a benefit to the community. They have devoted time and energy to making Wayne or Pike County more caring, dynamic, beautiful, healthy and unique. They inspire by their example. Nominees should be a current Wayne or Pike County resident and involved significantly in the community or organization within Wayne or Pike County. The winner will be honored at The Chamber’s Annual Community Awards Banquet.

Former Honorees include: Patrick St.Clair, Rev. Ralph Reed, Patricia Mohn, Kathleen Campion, Joan Esgro, Jackie Allegretta, Donna Riefler, Ken Bunnell, John Hanson, Ron Eldred, Mark Graziado, Patty McGinnis, Sr. Mary Rose Mitchell, George Compton, Bob Jones, Elmore (Squire) Haag, Tammy Ebert, Bob & Judy Muller, Verna Jones, Dick & Carol Barrett, Tom Fasshauer, Doris Bryant, Cecile Grandjean, Joseph Hook, William Malloy, Catherine Howell, Pauline Glykokokalos, Tim Downs, Helen Beesmer, Kuni Holbert, Brian Wilken, Kim Erickson, Jeff George, Robert Knash, Steve Motichka, Bruce Mackle, Brian Fulp, Andrea Whyte, Anthony Herzog, Michael G. Stanton , Eric & Gary Linde, Jack Bishop, Jim Shook, Annetta DeYoung, Tom Kennedy, Daniel O’Neill, Joseph Regenski, Gerald Margraf, Suzie Calkin Frisch, Pete Helms, Paul Edwards, Ryanne Jennings and Jamie Rutherford.